Will BevardFish Stalker Ambassador

Growing up Salmon and Steelhead fishing on a variety of waterways in northern California, I have been an accomplished all species angler nearly my whole life. Starting out as a purist fly fisherman, along with salmon and steelhead I fished for bass in local lakes, ponds and creeks.

 One of my favorite places to fish was a small creek in Folsom, California. My best friend James and I would ride our bicycles 8 miles in the dark with float tubes on our backs to make it to the creek before the sun came up. Here is where I really started applying different seasonal tactics to catch more fish consistently. We had our own personal competitions and later in life we got involved with Bass tournaments. It was a struggle at the beginning finishing mid pack wishing we connected with that kicker fish. This lead me into the world of swimbaiting . I fished a swimbait exclusively for over a year learning strategy and confidence in these very large fishing lures. We went back to fishing Bass tournaments with our newly learned skills and confidence and dominated multiple tournament trails. Ultimately winning a boat. It was the single best day of my life up to the point that my son was born. 

 Today, I have taken a temporary break from the bass tournament trails to focus on raising my son. I still fish some small local tournaments and enjoy the the other competitors enthusiasm and drive for the sport. I enjoy helping the younger generation of bass fisherman shorten the learning curve to be stronger competitors. Recently I became involved with SUP fishing and I love it! At 35 years old I still get to enjoy the sport I grew up with and incorporate a large degree of physical fitness, keeping my mind and body in a strong healthy condition. I wish SUP fishing was around when I was a child growing up!

 Here’s to reliving your childhood and tight lines everyone! Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you may have, I love sharing my knowledge and experiences in life and on the water. 


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