Steven McKinnonJR Fish Stalker Ambassador

    Steven is a 17-year-old fisherman who was born and raised in Zimbabwe developing his skills in his two favourite sports, skeet shooting and fishing. Having recently relocated to Canada he couldn’t wait to get back to them.

    He was on the Zimbabwean Skeet Team for shooting and is slowly making his way onto the Canadian team. He is currently training at a Sporting Gun Club and hopes to follow in his father’s steps by participating in international competitions.

    Happy to see the large variety of fishing opportunities Ontario has to offer he has recently answered the call for paddleboard fishing. He spends as much time as possible on the water, usually searching for his nemesis “Mike the Pike”. He loves to fish for large mouth and small mouth bass, as well as trout with his experience with the Fly Rod.

    Steven prefers to use the Fish Stalker due to its ability to launch anywhere and get him in to lakes boats cannot launch on. His favorite set up includes an Engel cooler and his GoPro mounts to record the action on a full day trip.

    Find any campsite near water and you know Steven has an evening of entertainment ready to go.

    The Fish Stalker Inflatable is the best fly fishing paddle board.


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