Mike BartlettFish Stalker Ambassador
    I live on a hobby farm just outside Coldwater, ON Canada which is an awesome launching point for all types of outdoor adventures.  I grew up paddling canoes and kayaks at our cottage in northern Ontario and started paddleboarding 6 years ago and it’s now my go to for almost everything I do on the water.  Not only do I use it for flyfishing and bow fishing, I regularly use it to commute to Swift Canoe & Kayak where I work in the summers.  I’m a paddle Canada SUP Instructor and last summer ground out a 2nd place in the world`s longest single day expedition paddle race – sprint division at 80 Km on a paddleboard.  In the fall of 2015 I was hired by the Ontario’s Lake Country to establish and map 10 paddling routes in the region which are now available by hardcopy or online.
    When I`m not on the water I also work as a Mtn Bike guide/instructor as well as a firefighter for Severn Township.  Winters here are cold, long and dump lots of snow.  I work as a ski instructor and do some ice climbing but make sure to get away for at least one surfing session in the south, generally Barbados or Costa Rica.

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