Chris HollingsworthFish Stalker Ambassador
    Name: Chris Hollingsworth
    Occupation: Event Producer/Event Announcer
    Age: 44
    Home: Lake of the Pines, CA

    Growing up in Northern California I have always been drawn to the outdoors. I’m an avid Surfer, Snowboarder. Skateboarder, Outrigger Paddler, SUP Paddler, Golfer, and yes I’m addicted to fishing. Having six children and now a grandson we have always looked for experiences we can share together. Fishing is the single activity we can all do no matter our age or ability. My schedule is very full with producing over 30 events each year, so I am always looking for a convenient activity to satisfy the craving to get outside. Standup paddle fishing is my current addiction. The quest for the best fish, the clear air, a little exercise, and being on the water is the perfect combination to clear my mind and provide some perspective. The new Fish Stalker provides a platform that allows me to bring along anything I want. My favorite is tandem fishing with my best friend and Wife of 27 years on the Stalker.


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