The 2019 Fish Stalker has a long list of new features including a trolling motor mount system. This package includes not only a transom mount made of marine grade stainless steel and marine grade resin board but also a battery box system that incorporates a NOCO battery box to secure your battery. Then system comes with port and starboard docking cleats, an elastic shock docking rope, and even a paddle holder. Just add your trolling motor and marine grade battery (not included) and hit the water.

Click here for more information on the Trolling Motor Mount System.

The Paddle Fishing world has taken on a whole new perspective with a compact and portable vessel that opens up endless possibilities for on water access. The Fish Stalker inflatable, nicknamed the I Stalker, has a unique catamaran hull giving it superior stability without taking away from an efficient, effortless glide. It’s perfect for sneaking into your favorite honey holes. Pack on a cooler and you are ready for a day long solo session. Customize your rig using the included Ram Mount Tough Balls and have all your gear at your fingertips. Or, leave it all at home and enjoy the simple side of a day in the outdoors on your Fish Stalker.

The Fish Stalker is configured with six 8mm inserts that are compatible with RAM Tough Balls that allow you to rig your board with whatever Ram mount you desire. Up front there are four D-ring attachment points in a 15″ square pattern for fitting all our custom accessories. Aft, there is also a four D-ring setup to secure a cooler, positioned for a perfect seat. Inflatable military grade PVC is used in the construction of the Fish Stalker; the same material and construction as a Zodiac.


  • 3 Chamber catamaran design
  • 12′ long x 34″ wide Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Optional Trolling motor mount system, motor mount, battery box, paddle holder, docking cleats, shock strap. Made in America Accessory Package $100 ADD ON
  • Threaded inserts fit RAM® Tough balls (supports RAM accessories)
  • Dual trutrack™ front fins Dual detachable impact resistant fins
  • Multiple D-rings for attachments as well Cooler mount
  • 4 Rugged handles
  • Travel bag
  • Dual station high volume pump
  • Add a Carbon paddle for extra $100


Paddling industry Pro and Fish Stalker ambassador Chris Hollingsworth calls the iStalker “a game changer” 

Explore More! The inflatable iStalker gives you access to a whole new world. 

Light as a cooler, Stable as a door.  Take the inflatable and portable iStalker everywhere you go!

Fish Slayer, Will Brevard takes us through all the features and his favorite rig set up on the inflatable iStalker fishing paddle board
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Fish Stalker
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by Christian Gamble, Wildwood Crest, NJ on Fish Stalker
I will be on top of the action on my iStalker

Striped Bass are starting to run along the beaches in the Mid Atlantic this time of year and first time I will be on top of the action on my iStalker.  Casting from the beach is great but now that I can cast from outside the surf zone, I have a great vantage point on where the bait and Stripers are hanging out.  Its also great for sitting in the tide rips along dock and bridges and I love how fast and easy it is to launch.  

by Tim Capra, Vero Beach, FLA on Fish Stalker
Better than a Kayak

Kayak fishing is popular here in Vero Beach but as an ocean lifeguard, I watch these guys drag their heavy boats down to the water.  Then they have to sit in the kayak, cast and paddle, so low to the waters surface,  there is no perspective on what is below.  I tried it and  I was really uncomfortable in the sitting position, I just didn’t get the attraction.  Since getting my iStalker, I fish way more because of how portable and easy to transport it is.  I also feel less restricted and cramped since there is so much deck space to move around on.  I really enjoy paddling and my favorite part is trolling a couple of lines behind me as I paddle down the beach looking to hook into a Red Fish or Snook

by Thomas Backman, Auburn, CA on Fish Stalker
I can spend the whole day out on the board

I use the iStalker in the lakes and reservoirs in Northern California for Bass fishing.  I can spend the whole day out on the board because I can pack on everything that I need and either get down to some serious fishing or just paddle around and explore different parts of the lake that I otherwise would never see.  Being a taller guy at 6’4, the stability on the iStalker is amazing and I swear I have loaded it up with more than the 500lb capacity they say it has, with no problem.  When my kids get ahold of the iStalker they have their own ideas of what is fun, constantly climbing on and jumping off like it was a dock or something.  It really is something that everyone in my family has enjoyed.  Might have to get another so my fishing time is not compromised!

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